About Happenstance Productions

An audio production company that can produce your audio for music, TV, and film.

When you hire Happen-Stance Productions you get a resource and a solution to your audio needs.  Happen-Stance Productions will budget and execute a plan for your project from conception to delivery. We focus on planning, capturing, editing, mixing, and mastering your audio for your audio project.  We work as the audio production team to provide quality audio production for your Music, TV, and Film Projects.  Working as a team has allowed Happen-Stance to occupy a specific niche within a production - “Audio Producers.”  This is a term very familiar to the music business, but the same skill sets apply to Film and TV production.  Mark Duvall has earned a Production and Technology Degree from Middle Tennessee State University’s Recording Industry Department.  Project management, scheduling, budgets and delivering quality results on time are key elements.

Mark Duvall

Engineering, Mastering, Location Sound and Production Mixing

In the mix environment Duvall’s specialty is acoustic precision of the audio, from dialog to drum tracks Duvall makes the audio as acoustically perfect as possible. In a production environment, Duvall acts as the project advancer, focusing on client communications in order to detail the job before, during, and after completion of the project.  This usually means bringing together all of the interested parties to make sure every thing runs smoothly. 


A unique partnership, blending audio and video production...

TNDV and Happen-Stance share a long history.  We have been providing quality audio services that fit the needs of some of TNDV’s biggest clients.  Email us today to find out more about how the fleet of mobile productions trucks they have to offer can make your production happen!

We have the ability to: plan, organize, schedule, edit, mix an deliver your project making Happen-Stance Productions a complete solution to your audio production needs.  Please contact us for a list of credits we have worked on.