Approach to “The Biz”

posted by: Mark Duvall on 06/29/2008 @ 10:52 pm

Approach to “The Biz”

I’ve been thinking about the ways of the world that is entertainment, probably a bit too much. It’s lead me to a few
generalizations…Sometimes its better to know where you’re going before you start going there.

In a phrase - to entertain. More specifically to create something (musical in this case) that people want to listen to, identify with
and more importantly purchase. The key to every project is starting with a foundation rooted in thoughtful investigation and research, articulating that which distinguishes a band, artist or concept from the rest. Everyone has something unique to present to the world. Take the time to find out what that is and figure out the best way to
get where you want to go.

Find your inspiration in things that are real to you and do your best to explain it to others. Entertainment is about the interaction with human beings. Explore ways to appeal to others through your artful expression. Sometimes it’s less about an artist’s or story’s history, and instead about a strong desire to bring that which has a unique sound, an interesting twist on a genre or a texture that can make the expression more human. Be able to connect in everything that you do.

Or a least have a picture of what that audience is supposed to look like. The choices you make early on will stick with you for a long time. It’s human nature to identify and categorize EVERYTHING, including art, music, and the people standing in line at the bank. You all have to be put in a little box in order to make sense out of everything in the world that gets thrown in front of your eyes. Remember that the song that you just finished writing is not just for you, it’s for the world to connect with and identify with [even if the world does that by categorizing and sorting]. Look behind you in order to figure out where you are going.

Careers in the entertainment business are based on your ability to connect with others in a way that is unique and comfortable to you and your audience. If you try to be something you are not [i.e. think too far outside the box] then people will experience a disconnect. That’s never a good thing. Your “fans” are looking for something CONSISTENT that they can identify with and share with all of their friends too. Make it easy for them to share something cool with their friends and
you’ve got something twice as powerful as the basic connection you were trying for in the first place.

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