Professional Vs Amateur

posted by: Mark Duvall on 06/29/2008 @ 11:03 pm

Professional Vs Amateur

What is the difference between a professional and an amateur artist, producer, or engineer?

The answer is not in the financial picture but rather in the desire and creativity of the individual. The fundamental difference between a professional and an amateur is the ability to overcome adversity and get the job done. In addition, things like experience and budget never hurt the situation.

For example, a producer is presented with a project with a small budget. The amateur producer would view the low budget and return it with a low quality project, making budget = quality. With the changes in the industry being what they are, the professional would look at the low budget to be creative in reinventing the process of recording to adapt to the project. Attitude and approach are everything! The professional will not settle for low quality for no other reason then it is his reputation on the line and people WILL NOT UNDERSTAND that the project is low quality because of a low budget. The audience wants to hear good music and the end product is the only thing that counts.  Let’s get results together…!

Both amateur and Professional engineers might have access to the same facilities to record their projects in. A pro studio with all the bells and whistles will give both engineers opportunity to record with the same quality. This is where experience will separate the professionals. The benefits of using the professional are cleaner tracks with fewer musical mistakes left unfixed, more efficient use of studio time, and (for heaven’s sake) good production.

Now take the studio away. Give each of them some consumer or pro-sumer quality gear. From an amateur standpoint, the amateur creates the project as he would normally in the pro studio, making records the only way he knows how, but now because of the decline in quality gear the projects suffer. Let’s look at the professional, he is adapting to the new situation and takes the challenge on full strength, he is not settling for a bad product. The benefits to the band will be reflected in good reviews, more bookings and album sales. The basis of this industry is centered on the product.

The Artist:
What is the difference between a professional and an amateur artist? It is not just talent; there are many moderately talented artists that make it to the big leagues. And there are many extremely talented artists that never get heard. What is the difference? DESIRE, DRIVE, AND COMMITMENT MAKE IT ALL WORK! All these combined with good talent make success for any artist almost inevitable.

An amateur artist will always view money as the biggest obstacle, allowing them to create excuses for not gaining popularity or doing what it takes to get out there. The professional artist is not willing to settle, and refuses to make excuses for not making it. They will never dwell on the fact that there is lack of funding, they find a way to get it done, they save all their money to pay for recording a few songs, the barter potential earnings from royalties to get the songs out to the public, they are willing to engage in creative management, marketing, production, and promotion realizing they have little money but pushing on anyway. In other words, they have a total commitment to making it.

“For the Professional artist, the money is at the end of the trail. However it is the drive and desire shown along the way that will grant you success.”

As for me I would never sign, work with, produce, co-write, or have any other interaction with anyone who will let lack of funding prevent them from making the best out of a situation, and NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE. As I stated before, attitude is everything!

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