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Pre-Production=Planning To Plan

Pre-production=Planning to plan

Part of having a successful career as a musician or filmmaker is being able to balance the creative side with the business/technical side. This is where two heads are better than one. Your decision to hire a production company can be a huge load off of your shoulders. Most of the truly creative people are not the best at organizing and scheduling. It can be as simple as “show up next tuesday at the studio and sing your next hit.” The band will be there and the session will be set up.

Production/Tracking = Studio Magic

Production/Tracking=Studio Magic

Studio magic anyone? We are talking about where the rubber meets the road. The most significant contribution you make to the project will be in the tracking stage. Your artistic expression will be captured and shared with the world. This can be a very intimate part of being a musician - sharing yourself with the world is really scary! What if they don’t like it or what will they think? One of the best reasons to hire a production company is to put your own mind at ease when it comes to sharing a part of yourself with the world.



It might not be glamourous, but this is one of the steps that separates a Pro from a Joe. Editing is the glue that makes the transition between the parts of a song flow together. It is also a big part of production. Deciding what instrument or vocal part gets to play when is huge when it comes to shaping up a song. This can also influence the commercial marketability of a song or project.


Stereo: Not just the box on your dresser

Stereo is the current industry standard. There is so much that can be done within the soundstage of the stereo field that improves the listening experience. Placement of instruments in the soundstage can affect how listeners perceive a song.

5.1 audio meets independent music.

5.1 audio meets independent music

With the acceptance of DVD as a viable consumer format, surround sound mixes (and possibly the accompanying video) adds that professional presentation that had previously been accessible to only the major label artists. What’s the perspective? Are we watching a band or are we sitting on stage with the players? Surround sound in general allows for vastly increased flexibility in mixing and panning. Let us help you take advantage of these new possibilities.  As an independent artist, you can sell a DVD at a higher price on your merch table.  We can show you how to manufacture DVD’s for the same cost as CD’s.  That means more money in your pocket at the end of the gig!

Mastering = Jack of all trades-master of none?

Mastering = Jack of all trades-master of none?

Mastering is the last step of the project from a production standpoint.  Finalizing each of the mixes is VERY important. More important is the relationship between the mixes. Are they at the same level and frequency response curve? How about track spacing and ISRC numbers? All of these different details combine together to make a professional product. Let us handle the space between for you. Being able to develop a plan of attack to remove or reduce the weaknesses while maintaining or enhancing the mix’s strengths is what we do.